On-board New Sales Reps Faster.

One-to-one conversations with your ideal customers to learn how they think, talk and act.

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Panelist #1

VP of Sales
SaaS Company

Real-life Buyer Personas

The most difficult aspect of getting up-to-speed in a new job is understanding industry dynamics and ideal customer personas. Short-circuit this months-long process with 3 one-to-one conversations with your ideal customers.

How it works


Define your ideal customer.


Get matched with 3 vetted professionals.


Your new hire speaks one-to-one with these 3 professionals.

Help new sales reps answer questions like these:

1. What does my prospect do all day?

2. Where do my prospects go to learn about new products and services?

3. What are my prospect's biggest pain points and why?

4. How would a prospect describe our product / service?

Transparent Pricing

(3) one-to-one conversations with your ideal customers

$499 / rep