Sales Opportunities
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Spend your time closing,
not sending emails.

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Best-In-Class Leads + Outbound Email Expertise = Magic

Any time that you or your reps aren’t on the phone with potential clients is time wasted. Tasks like prospecting and writing emails are low value and distract from what you and your team does best. Steward combines the most accurate sales research on the market with over 10 years of combined outbound sales experience to help you close more deals.

Step 1. Market / Value Proposition Research

We dive into your business to learn about your unique value proposition, the industry landscape and your ideal customer profile.

Step 2. Email Creation & Data Research

We immediately assemble a group from our team of 23 expert sales researchers to start researching new leads that fit your ideal customer profile. Simultaneously, we're crafting an email drip campaign designed to interest prospects to meet with you.

Step 3. Campaign Management & Optimization

After we start your campaign, we monitor campaign results to ensure we're meeting our target objectives for generating new sales opportunities. To optimize your campaign, we'll A/B test email messaging, adjust sending cadence, craft new subject lines and much more. We won't stop until you're satisfied.

Step 4. You close deals.

Your sole job is to respond to all replies and start closing business. Our success is your success, so let us know everytime you close a deal!

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